Stick Vacuums

      At Superior Vacuums, we carry top of the line stick vacuum brands, including Dirt Devil, Dyson, Johnny Vac, ReadiVac, and Riccar. Looking for the right vacuum to meet your cleaning needs? Take a look at our great selection!

      Stick vacuums are typically more compact than traditional vacuums. Their structure is simple, consisting of a handle and motor at the top, and a slim pole-like figure leading to the underlying brush. In many models, the motor can even be detached and used as a separate handheld vacuum.

      Stick vacuums provide you with convenience and efficiency. Their broom-like design promotes use in day-to-day household chores that are just not ideal for a relatively bulky upright or canister model. Their compact size allows sufficient portability and quick cleaning of carpeted as well as uncarpeted surfaces. While other vacuums are packed with extravagant features that significantly bump up the price-tag, some may prefer cheaper and simpler models that can do their job with utmost proficiency. If you are one of those people, a stick vacuum is undoubtedly the right choice!

      The availability of a variety of vacuums from distinguished brands such as Dirt Devil, Johnny Vac, Dyson, Riccar, and ReadiVac makes Superior Vacuums the ideal destination for those looking to make their daily household chores a whole lot easier. Our dedicated staff will guide you to the most suitable purchase according to your requirements and budget.

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